About Jeff Commaroto

I have worked in digital marketing for over ten years and have been building Web sites since it was a brand new technology back in the early 1990’s. Before that I was the kid who liked to take things apart and put them back together just to see how they worked. I still am.

Today I use data science to analyze massive amounts of marketing data with the goal of delivering actionable insight to clients. I get to build cool things using many different marketing technologies mixed with healthy doses of Python, Javascript, Cloud Computing and soon machine learning.

This site is about my ventures into all of that but more importantly the coming age of artificial intelligence. I have seen a lot of technological revolutions in my rather short existence but I don’t think any of them will measure up to what AI is about to bring. Consider me an observer and hopefully chronicler of a coming new world.

I quit most social networking sites in 2018. I still have a LinkedIn page if you are interested in connecting there.

If you or your business have need for expertise in digital marketing, web development, business intelligence or data analysis you can also find me at Mason Digital.