My First GitHub Contribution

Become a GitHub Contributor

Git is a version-control system for tracking changes in files. This system can be used to coordinate work being done on these files among many different people. Git is heavily used in software development and coding. GitHub is a web-based hosting service for Git that allows users to setup both private and public repositories. These …


Reflecting on Google Duplex, Machine Learning and Our AI Future

It’s been several weeks since Google unveiled their latest deep learning project called Duplex during an impressive demonstration at their annual I/O conference. If you missed it, Google played examples of their natural language/recurrent neural network software calling restaurants and salons to make appointments on behalf of humans. In each call their machines navigated complex …

Data Science

Data Science Isn’t Quite Sexy, It is Important

Data Science Sexy Image

There is an article in the Harvard Business Review claiming data science is the “sexiest job of the 21st century” as demand for data scientists is far outpacing the supply of people available to fill the positions. I prudently dislike the gratuitous attribution of “sexy” and cringe a little whenever I hear people toss it …


Privacy Doesn’t Have to Be Dead

Stop Mark Zuckerberg - Secure Your Privacy

You are probably sick of hearing about Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, massive data breaches and the many ways in which your information is being sold. It is easy to fall into a lull, to shrug and assume the issue is so big that it is better to just tune out. Well, don’t! As a marketer access …


Abandoning Social Media

I am a digital marketer who has and will continue to spend a lot of time with social media. They have become a dominant form of online publishing and billions of people around the world use them to share information. They cannot be ignored completely no matter how you personally feel about them. The problem …